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Best of The Best for The Beard Trimmer

As you might have read for our other previous articles, you would have known that we categorized Beard trimmer and other groomer products by its specialties. Some beard trimmer or other groomer products offer good shaving quality but with high price. Other simply offers rather cheap trimmer, with so-so quality. While other offers good quality, rather affordable, but might not be too efficient, for example, not travelling friendly. Here we are going to pick best of the best for beard trimmer from several categories and various brands as specific brands have their own plus and minus.

- Best Beard Trimmer For Travelling

Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 3500

Why we picked it as our best? Take a look at the slim body offers by this trimmer. Slim and light weight, doesn’t take much space on your suitcase and doesn’t require much attachments or maintenence. Some people would rather pick a cheaper beard trimmer for travelling. Why? Because there are more chances of this trimmer to get lost or broken during your travel so it might be a huge waste. Yes this product is from Philips Norelco but so affordable that you might not thing that this is a Philips Norelco. Requires only 100-240v outlets and one hour of charging, you can still use this trimmer up to 90 minutes. Fit for business travel and fit to win our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmeraward.
Here we are going to pick the best and most efficcient trimmer. By efficient, we would rather to pick the one that is cordless and not requiring a lot of space to pack, rather light in weight, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This we thought as important to be on our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmeras we sure a lot of our readers need to travel often and would want to maintain their beard handsome.

1. Best Beard Trimmer For Busy Men

Panasonic ER224S Beard Trimmer

You might have thin beard or thick beard but this doesn’t matter for Panasonic ER224S. this device would actually face any kind of beard and work so quick that if you’re busy, you don’t need to worry about how much time you’re going to spend for trommong your beard. Cordless, waterprood, and can be handled easily and comfortably, whether you want to shape, cut, or trim your hair, you get it all from this device. With 14 individual setting, you can set your trimmer for your needs and helps you to use it quickly. It is also can be cleansed and rinsed easily, and charged quickly with long battery span. A quick and suitable choice for busy men.
Busy Men requires a trimmer that can do the job fast and clean at the same time so you don’t need to do much cleaning after trimming your beard. We add this category to our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmerlist so our professional readers could choose what's best for them.

2. Best Beard Trimmer for Beard Styling

Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer Pro -Qt4070

One thing about beard trimmer for tyling is, you need to get one that could have more setting varieties. The more the better indeed, but we don’t choose our best only by the number of setting varieties. Why we choose Philis Norelco? Okay one of the reason is beacause it has more length settings than other good trimmer. Except maybe for Panasonic Milano that offer 19 settings while this trimmer offers 18 settings, varies from 1mm to 18mm with a zoom lock wheel that can secure your setting. Available with turbo power setting that offers youd extra trimming speed and additionlasuuction power, suitable for your thick hair. Maintenance free blade offers stay sharp blade. Easy to clean and last for 50 minutes with cordless use.
Come on, even men today need to be stylish. Style isn’t just for women only. Beard styler is not just for those who want to have clean and neat beard, but also keep it stylish and up to date with the current trend to avoid our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmerarticle readerslooking like a hipster (unless if you want to be one of course. Hipsters do have good beards.)

3. Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beard

Remington PG6025 All-in-1

One thing you need to pay attention when Gandalf wants to trim his beard is a trimmer with blade that can stay sharp longer and maybe even self-sharpening. Rmeington PG6025 All-in-1 offers you a self sharpening blade with surgical steel blades that will win against your long beard. With eight different length settings and three fixed comb, you can both style and trim your long beard neatly. We would only pick trimmer that’s suitable for Gandalf. Long beard requires different kind of trimmer, for example, they might require to have a trimmer with better and stronger motor. Duck Dynasty would love our pick, and we hope they could read our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmeraward.

4. Best Budget Beard Trimmer

Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Mustache and Beard Trimmer

Only $30 and you can get the good trimming, either for beards or maintaining your stubble. And this is no surprise if we put Remington as the winner on our best budget beard trimmer winner. Come with 9 length settings and three heads, you can trim both your beards and stubble with closer trim. Titanium coated blades guarantee well cutting and self-sharpening blade requires less maintenance. A perfect choice to be on our best of the best for beard trimmer . I was looking for a mains. Those are the winner of our bestofthebestforbeardtrimmer. We hope this article can help you to pick the best trimmer for you beard needs. Okay, we know not everyone would spend that much money for beard trimmer. Some people just don’t think that their beard is their treasure, and we totally get it. How much is our budget for cheap trimmer? We would say anywhere under $50. Maybe our pick isn’t the best trimmer, but what can you say? Money sometimes equal quality.

5. Best stubble Trimmer

Take a look at world’s hottest men such as Adam Levine, David Beckham, and Ryan Gosling. What do they have in common? Yes stubble. No you don’t need long trimmed beard, sometimes that myterious super short hair around your face is ladies’ killer. Keep it up, and get the special trimmer for it.

5 Best Choices of Beard Trimmer Wahl

You can find so many choices of beard trimmer on the market these days. However, if you want to get the best products, beard trimmer Wahl is the brand that you should choose. This brand not only has good reputation but also came with various choices of high quality beard trimmer. Below are 5 of the best beard trimmers from Wahl that you can buy these days.

1. Wahl Professional 8061

For those of you who are looking for beard trimmer that can give perfect results in shaving, Wahl Professional 8061is definitely the best choice that came from this brand. This beard trimmer has great quality and came with good price. You also can find so many amazing features in this beard trimmer Wahl as well. This beard trimmer is so easy to use. You just need to push a button to get perfect shave. This beard trimmer is also designed to shave two times faster than regular beard trimmer. As the results, this beard trimmer can save more power when it’s being used.

The design of this beard trimmer is also very remarkable as well. If you’re looking for beard trimmer Wahl that came with elegant and luxurious design, this Wahl Professional 8061 is definitely a perfect choice for you. The trimmer is also very lightweight as well so you can carry it and use it easily without have to use too much effort. The battery on this electric shaver is rechargeable and it also came with great battery life as well. There are some great things that make this beard trimmer better than any other products. It came with coated hypoallergenic foil that provides a more comfortable shave for your skin. The trimmer is easy to clean as well.

2. Wahl Cordless Shaver

The next choice on this list is Wahl Cordless Shaver that offers remarkable performance and fantastic price. This beard trimmer Wahl is definitely one of the best deals that you can get from Wahl these days. The technology that is used in this beard trimmer combines effectiveness and efficiency perfectly. Like any other products from Wahl, Wahl Cordless Shaver offers amazing controls, excellent capacity, and awesome features. This beard trimmer consumes less energy compared to other beard trimmers that are available on the market these days.

Electric shaver is not only about function but it’s also about style as well. When we talk about style, this beard trimmer Wahl is definitely a true definition of style. The design of this beard trimmer is shaped carefully to emphasize your elegant lifestyle. The shaver is made of high quality materials that offer perfect durability. Other great thing about this electric shaver is that it came with anti allergic foil that is made of gold to assure you get perfect shave without causing issues on your skin. The trimmer came with various choices of function that allow you to trim your facial hair in more convenient way. The cutting system that is used in the trimmer assures you get the closest cut for perfect results.

3. Wahl Rechargeable Shaver

Other great choice of product from Wahl is Wahl Rechargeable Shaver. This electric shaver is considered by many people as one of the best electric beard trimmers from Wahl. There are so many great features that you can find in this beard trimmer Wahl. This beard trimmer is designed so that you can shave easily and get perfect results at the same time. You will save more time and power when you shave using this electric shaver. The trimmer is designed to shave even the most difficult areas on your face. The grip of the trimmer is designed specifically so that you can have full control without have to use too much effort.

This electric beard trimmer is not only comfortable on your hand but it’s also very lightweight as well. You can carry this beard trimmer easily on your travel bag when you’re on a trip. This beard trimmer Wahl also came with rechargeable battery as well. The battery life is also very remarkable as well. The three heads system move flexibly to reach the most difficult parts of your face. This beard trimmer also came with Trimmer Extends that allows you to have high visibility trimming for beard, moustache, and sideburns.

4. Wahl Bump Free Shaver

Wahl Bump Free Shaver is designed for those of you who need cost-effective electric shaver with excellent quality. This beard trimmer Wahl is known as one of the most affordable electric shavers from Wahl. Even though it has quite affordable price, this beard trimmer still came with very excellent quality. With this electric beard trimmer, you will be able to shave faster and quicker. The results that you will get are very great as well. This beard trimmer came with steam release system that allows you to shave perfectly within minutes.

There are so many amazing features that you can find on this beard trimmer Wahl. The trimmer came with gold foil that has anti allergic properties which allows you to get comfortable shaving. The cutting system that is installed on this beard trimmer allows you to trim with excellent precision. The cutting system came with super close trim that will give you perfect results in shaving. This deluxe electric shaver also came with rechargeable battery as well. The package of this electric beard trimmer includes cleaning brush, charger, and operating instructions.

5. Wahl 5-Star Shaver

The last Wahl product on this list is Wahl 5-Star Shaver. This beard trimmer Wahl is a perfect choice for those of you who are looking for electric shaver with price under $55. This electric shaver came with amazing features such as energy saving, bump-free shaving, angled shaver head, rechargeable battery, and gold hypoallergenic foil.

There are so many great things that you can find in this beard trimmer Wahl. This electric beard trimmer can cut extra close and will not leave any bumps on your skin. This beard trimmer also came with very powerful motor that provides excellent speed so that you can shave quicker and faster. The battery life of this electric trimmer is also very remarkable as well. The battery will last for few days so you don’t need to charge it too often.

The Best Rotary Shaver to Choose

Having electric shaver is very beneficial in many shaving terms including the practical uses, comfort, and the costs as well. If you try to have the best electric shaver, you may have two options to choose between the rotary or the foil shaver type. Then, what makes them difference? Read the following statements to know more below.

The rotary shaver is the one who has three rotating blades placed in a triangular pattern. The use of this kind of electric shaver is only by rotating the movements across the face as you apply some skin treatments. The rotary shaver works well due to the presence of the blades which spin rapidly. In contrast, the foil shavers are consisting a series of knives hidden under a rectangular metallic foil. It works by vibrating the knives to trim the hairs.

What are the reasons to choose rotary shaver compared to other kinds of an electric shaver? It has shown that rotary shaver is good at trimming the thick and longer hair with a great performance in applying different directions of movements. Indeed, this term makes the hair is easier and takes faster time while being cut. Using a rotary shaver leads you to have less effort and is preventing the skin irritation that may occur. Also, it is safe to shave regularly or even for your daily life.

Both have the pros and cons as well. However, the same function goes to the quick, clean and close shaving they have provided. Then, as this article described, we will talk about best rotary shaver you have to choose as an option.

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 9300

Among great rotary shavers, we have chosen the Philips Norelco as being the first rank of best rotary shavers. As a matter of fact, Philips as a brand has provided best electric shaver and have invented some great innovations to the uses of a shaver. Moreover, Norelco is first introduced in 1939 and becomes a great market leader in shaver segment.

Speaking about the performance, it provides the faster shaving speeds and more complex LED display compared to other types of Philips Norelco. With the advanced technology, Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 has provided, it helps you to cut the ingrown hairs up to 30% closer to skin. The great performance is linked to the presence of V-Track precision blades it has provided. Furthermore, the movements make 8 directions can lead you to shave in just one single pass. Moreover, what’s even greater from the performance of this rotary shaver is you can set the speed based on slow, medium, or fast performance as you can choose it whatever you want.

2. Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

Indeed, the Philips Norelco is providing the best options of rotary shavers to choose. Not only for providing the previous type of rotary shaver but also it gives you another option to choose as well as it presents the Philips Norelco Shaver 6100. On the other hand, it has a lower cost compared to the previous one. You can simply bring this device to your home with at least $90 for the package including the cordless razor, protective cap, cleaning brush, power cord, and the charging stand.

Highlight Features of Philips Norelco Shaver 6100 :

⦁. Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 inches
⦁. Weight: 1.2 pounds
⦁. Origin: Netherlands
⦁. Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required

Features of Philips Norelco Shaver 6100 :

⦁ Sensotouch with 2D gyro flex – help you to have a comfortable shaving action. The gyro flex applies the shave by following the face curve and minimizing the pressure and the skin irritation.
⦁ The Glides – makes a close shaving as well as make the great shaving precision.
⦁ Aquatec Technology - and the great news is this device has a great performance in shaving for dry and wet terms.

You may do not want to spend money for a waste. Besides, according to the list of features above, it is not a wrong thing to choose this type of Philips Norelco to be ranked two. Then, by having this great device will ensure that the things you just have bought are required the things that you need. Indeed, every shaving thing you need is provided in this rotary shaver.

Find The Best Shaver For Head

If you start to suffer from baldness or see that your hair starts to turn grey will certainly think that shaving your hair off is not such a bad idea after all. However to shave your head in a proper manner means that you will require a suitable head shaver that will do the job and does not cause any discomfort to your scalp. If you have tried to shave your head, you will know that it is not very simple. As a matter of fact, you need time and experience to get used to the shaver and be able to move it comfortably along you’re the surface of your head. You are unable to see and reach some areas you are shaving. Hence, you would need the appropriate equipment.

Nowadays, there are a myriad of options for shaving products and equipments. Choosing the best electric shaver for you to shave your head can be difficult as you need to carefully examine your needs and preferences. Therefore we are here to present you with the list of the best shaver for head.

1. Philips Norelco QC5580/40

We choose Philips Norelco QC5580/40 as the best shaver for head for a few reasons. First because of its head is uniquely designed, second is because of it is able to trim down long hairs to a length where you can use the attachment to mow down the rest of the hairs to achieve the bald look you have desired and finally is because of its fantastic price.
The best feature of this shaver is when you are holding this shaver is because of its head can rotate. The rotating head allows this “do-it-yourself” shaver to easily move in 180 degrees. This makes it easier compared to the time when you are shaving your own head with a standard non-rotating head shaver. You can use this shaver not only to shave your head, but also to shave your beards. The rotating head provides a very convenient operation as it allows you to rotate its head to your selected angle at which you would like to shave.

You should note that this shaver requires a few passes and you need to apply some pressure to remove all short hairs and stubbles from your head. This means it can cause minor irritation.
The shaver is powered by a Lithium ion battery. It can be used for one good hour after 60 minutes of charging. It also allows you to use it with the cord when the battery level is low. However, it is best operated as a cordless shaver as it eliminates the hassles of the power cord. The battery power level is indicated by LED light with white color showing a full charge and if the battery level is low the LED will have an orange light. The shaver is compatible with voltages throughout the world, which means you do not need to buy a power adapter. Conveniently, Philips Norelco QC5580/40 comes with a small handheld mirror that helps you to reach spots that are difficult to shave and a storage pouch for the shaver. This shaver can be easily cleaned under the tap with running water, does not need any lubrication and has self-sharpening stainless steel blades.

2. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart is actually a better shaver, but did not make it into the top of our list foe best head shaver as it is lack in versatility compared to the Philips Norelco QC5580/40. If you plan to let your hair to grow out of times, then it would be wise if you invest in the hair trimmer attachment, which will allow you to trim down your hair to the level where you can easily use the shaver to mow down the rest of your hair to get your head bald. The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart uses rotary blades which are more suitable for shaving your head. However, unlike the normal shavers which sports three rotary blades, this shaver have five rotary blades instead. The rotary blades can move independently and are fixed to a large head which can bend and spin in accordance to the shape of your head, allowing it to remove every strand of hair and giving you a very close shave in a short period of time.

The Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart can also be moved easily due to its unique design. It does not have a long handle as how foil shavers traditionally are nor the L-shaped handle as how most rotary shavers have. Instead, the shaver’s base is small in size and look somewhat similar to a square soap bar. Here the palm of your hand can easily fit and making it like the additional length of your hand and giving you an optimum control over the shaver’s movement even when you are shaving the back of your head. The Bald Eagle Smart is not completely waterproof, so you cannot use it in the shower. It also should not be used with any solutions which are sticky in nature, as the blades may get clogged up. However, you can be cleaned by using running water under the faucet. The Bald Eagle Smart has an LED display that shows the battery level. Aside from the trimmer attachment, you can also buy a charging station, a body shaver and a nose and ear trimmer. The charging time for this shaver is two hours and afterwards you can use it for two hours to shave your head. You should also note that you can use this shaver to shave your face as well. Although Bald Eagle Smart is a great shaver, but it is only rated as number two in our list for the best shaver for head because its lack of versatility.

3. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (AT830/46)

The AT830/46 is a rotary shaver which is a more standard shaver produced by Philips. This shaver functions nicely for both your face as well as your head. It is a suitable choice if you are looking for a dual-purpose shaver that does a good job on both aspects.
The shaver sports three rotary blades and is a wet and dry shaver. The rotary heads are able to follow the contours of your head as well as your face to cut all the hairs. However, the shaver is not as maneuverable as the other shavers that ranked higher, namely the QC5580/40 and the Bald Eagle Smart. The AT830/46 is washable and can be used in shower or bath. It comes with a built-in pop-up trimmer for sideburns. The shaver is powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. It takes about 60 minutes to charge the battery for 60 minutes of shaving time. It also has three minutes quick charge option which is insufficient if you plan to shave your head, but should provide you with enough time to shave your mustaches and beards. We picked the AT830/46 as one of the best shaver for head due to the fact that it is a dual purpose shaver which comes at quite an affordable price.
Are you planning to shave your head? Well if you do, hopefully our list of best shaver for head will help you to determine the most suitable shaver you should get to keep your head neat and tidy.

What’s the Best Safety Razor Handle for Your Precious Hands?

You might have thought that safety razor is only about the blade or at least head of razor. But picking the best handle for your hands are also important. And again, all reviews from isn’t only concern about the result of your shaving but also for your safety (and we’re talking about safety razor anyway). Good handles not only mean good result but also top safety. Imagine when you’re shaving and your razor slip from your hand, you might pray that you won’t get hurt.

Razor handles can be made by different materials. Back when razor was still straight razor, it is common to make razor handle from expensive material as back then, straight razor was also a symbol for wealth and status. Straight razor handle can be made by animal tusks, such as elephant tusks, animal bones, even expensive metal like silver, bronze, even 24 karat gold. It is also common to use woods to made razor handles. Not only made from the best materials, razor handles can be engraved, either engraved with your names, your initials, or your company or family symbols, or anything that you might desired. This engravement can either be made by the artist or specially ordered.

best safety razor

Today, most razor handles or the bodies are made from materials that are not expensive, especially for mass produced safety razor. The cheapest material that can be used for mass produced safety razor is plastic. Plastic is easy to be made, rather cheap, no wonder safety razor made from plastic is usually much cheaper. Most disposable safety razors are made from plastic. It’s inexpensive anyway, so might need not to think twice before discarding this type of razor. Furthermore, this kind of razors are often sold in pack, between two or more razors for each pack. While cheap and relatively easy to be found anywhere, is plastic razor actually safe for you? If we’re talking about handle, handle made from plastic is relatively light and comfortable to be grasp, or at least we’ve just never heard anyone complaining about plastic handle. Plus, plastic handle is not slippery. But one problem with plastic safety razor, is too light. If you have read our article about good safety razor, you might have found out that weight is also an important factor toward safety during shaving. When it’s too light, this simply means you’re going to have to put more pressure when you shave and this can cause harm toward your skin.

Stainless steel is also a common material for safety razor handles, but mind you, this might not come cheap and sometimes cost the same as an electric shaver. But, if you actually can spend more on shaving, then you might want to consider on treating yourself with a good safety razor made of stainless steel. Like all stainless steel products, stainless steel safety razor would legs likely to get rusty in short times. When it comes I weight, stainless steel is more likely to be balanced and not too heavy, thus you don't need to apply too much pressure and you my avoid the possibility of hurting yourself during shaving. When it comes to handle, stainless steel handle is rather nice in texture. Handles might be costumize according to the need of each used, you might want longer handle for bigger hands. While stainless steel handle feels nice this might reduce the aggressiveness of your safety razor. And about the weight, mind you, while I wrote that stainless steel is rather light, for some people, this might be wrong. Sure stainless steel is light but may not be safety razor light. You might want to check Feather All Stainless Razor if you're interested in purchasing one.

Other materials for your handles that you might want to consider chrome played or nickel played. Chrome costs less than nickel. This is due to chrome is less strong than nickel and more prone to scratches than nickel and is harder to get it out than nickel. If you're talking about how shiny or beautiful the looks, chrome might be more shiny and bright while nickel is warmer. Overall, chrome might look not shiny but nickel is more durable.

You might still wondering why am I eager to write about razor handle while handle usually not sold separated from the head and you're seeing more of the body rather than handle. But again, here we are in Care about your safety too and handle contributes so much to your safety and it's not always that you should purchase a safety razor complete with all the components. Razor handles can always be purchased separately, especially for those who want more luxury and want to use a little bit of personalization on your shaving kit. And it often happens that while overall you enjoy both the weight and aggressiveness of your safety razor, you might have thought to upgrade it a little by purchasing a better handue. And even in many cases, changing your handles can actually increase the result of your shaving. And while uncommon, you can still find luxurious handles with rare material such as wood, steel, even ox horn.

Here are some sites that you might want I check out. In case you want to purchase your own safety razor handles.

• Maggard Razors. Offers you fine collection of shaving kit, starting from shavers to shaving cream. You can find various types of handles here, most made from stainless steel though you can find unique materials here such as wood and even bamboo. Handles are sold with various kinds of length, but you might need to pay attention whether the handle would fit your razor head or not.
• Elite Razor. While it doesn't offer so much handle selection, you can still find various kinds of luxurious and elite handles. Made ranging from wood, stone, too bro resonate, this site is a good idea if you want to order a special made handles as gifts.
• Windrose. While there's no website for windrose, you can still find this brand on eBay or other e-commerence. Some of handles are sold in pack, consists of up to nine handles, made by various materials.

Best Electric Shaver For Women - Buying Guide 2018

Choosing electric shaver for women might be a little bit tricky. Some men might want to leave a little bit of hair when they shave and some don’t even care about getting a little bit of irritation and red skin after shaving. But for women, clean and smooth result is a must and when you have to exchange your hairless skin with irritation, women might have given up shaving all the way. Some area that needs to be shaved for women are really sensitive and will be very painful if you don’t choose the right shaver for you. Areas like bikini area and armpit for example, need a good trimming to avoid burning and painful after shaving effects.

You might need to consider what are you going to use your shaver for. There are shavers that can only be used in several areas only. Not all female shavers can be used in all areas that needs to be trimmed, areas like bikini area might need a special trimmer because they just some ‘tight area’ that cannot be reached by shaver. Some women even need to treat their eyebrows, and best choose a smaller shaver or you might lose all your eyebrows all the way.
Most of female shavers are equipped with foil shaving, this to avoid too much friction between your skin and your blade and minimize the impacts toward skin, like razor burn or irritation.

You might want to consider shaver that can be used for wet shaving. Yes, most of female shavers are using foil shaving to reduce the risk of irritation, but you might still want to use moisturizer or other shaving products, not only to avoid irritation but also to make your skin smooth. Some razor even equipped with moisturizer from branded skin products. These are top five female shavers that recommend for you. This list is not in any particular order, so you need not too worry if your favorite is not on the top of the list.

1. Philips HP6378

What not too love from this adorably design electric shaver? How do you know that this shaver is any good? Not from the look of it that’s simply chic with blue and white colours, this shaver is the true meaningof all-purpose shaver marketed as a bikini area trimmer, this shaver can actually do more than just trimming your bikini area. You’ll get 6 different attachments that can be used for different areas, from your eyebrows to your toes. Wait, eyebrows? You read this right, this product comes with eyebrow com that can be used to trim your eyebrow to the prefect length, and micro trimmer is designed to shape your eyebrow. Other attachments are designed to do grooming, clean the remaining stubble and remove the hair to the roots. With the help of hypo-allergenic, you need not to worry about shaving to close to your skin.
There might be a little bit of a downside to this product though. You might need to be patient when it comes to charging or you need to remember to charge the shaver the night before since to took 10 hours to fully recharge the shaver.

2. Remington WDF-7000

When you’re talking about lady shaver, it’s not complete without talking about Remington, claimed to be America’s no. 1 lady shaver brand. Although some might confuse Remington as a shotgun maker. Luxury, that’s the first thing this shaver marketed with predominantly gold color. This is the first shaver that comes with cleaning system which allows this shaver to self-clean after each use. Not only cleaning itself, this shaver also lubricate itself and keeps the shaver in running condition. And also, a multi-purpose shaver that can trim your legs as well as your bikini area and armpit. Good for both dry and wet shaving, you need not to worry to use this shaver during shower. The gold foils allow you to shave without any worry that you might hurt your skin and causing irritation.
This shaver is indeed a luxurious, so don’t expect this shaver come in cheap. But if you don’t mind the prize and luxury is everything, then this is the perfect shaver for you.

3. Panasonic ES2216PC

Real ladies have curves this is what this shaver is trying to show to all the ladies. Nicely design with curve, not only to be a candy to your eyes but also to allow you reaching special areas that can only be reached by specially design shaver. Another multi-purpose shaver, the curve is design so you can shave your intimate area without worrying you’ll get any irritation, while you can still shave as close as possible to the root of your hair and get a clean result. 100% waterproof, safe to be used when you shower or with moisturizer products. Four floating pivoting heads and hypo-allergenic, nickel free blade will guarantee sensitive skin can shave without worry. Nicely curved, beautifully shaped, easy to be handled, and available with sexy pink colour.
This shaver available with a chic case for ladies who travel a lot. Also come with a bikini trimmer.

4. Philips HP6378 Bikini

Okay, this is the real all-purpose shaver. Just because the name has bikini on it, doesn’t mean this shaver is for bikini area only. This shaver comes with 6 different attachments that allows you not only to trim your bikini area but also your other areas including your eyebrows.

5. Tezam Ladies Electric Shaver.

When you want a shaver, it doesn’t have to be a three parties system. You actually have more choice, other than Philips, Remington or Panasonic. Tezam is quite a player in grooming industry. But for this article, we’re going to review only the electric ladies’ shaver. Come with three blades, this shaver promise a multi-purpose shaver, you can shave your armpits, legs, face, even your bikini area. With fast charging facility, you can get a full charged shaver within 8 hours of charging. Rather cheap compared to other shavers from better known brands.

So ladies, have you decided which shaver is perfect for you?